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 “Pilates is the one workout that has completely changed my body & mindset – I absolutely love it! Over the years and via my YouTube channel, I have taught 100s of people the power of Pilates, helping them to become stronger, fitter, more toned and more flexible – all by going a little slower and working a little harder. It’s one of the most effective workouts to create a strong, balanced body while relaxing the mind – and get abs of steel!”

Are you ready to discover what a week of Pilates can do to your core strength?

 If the answer is YES, then join our 7 day challenge to get your abs feeling ah-mazing...

The 7 days Core Strength challenge - totally doable, totally focused on results – comprises of:

3 x 30min video Core Strength Pilates Classes (1 x workout every other day )

Discover my quick and easy way to master the Pilates breathing and Core Engagement that will change your workouts forever (video instruction)

Access to the closed Kalm Pilates Facebook Group where we can talk Pilates & fitness and where I will share helpful videos and exercise tips

A one-to-one consultation (via skype or FB messenger) about your fitness (& injury) history, your goals and advice on how to achieve them

After completing the 7 day challenge, there is the option to join the Get To The Core 12 week Pilates programme at a reduced price

We only accept 30 participants per challenge as I want to give you that one-to-one attention and support – just like what you would get if you were attending my classes.

Sign up now to secure your place. The next Get To The Core challenge starts on Monday, 22nd April 2019.

During the 7 day challenge you will:

Experience why exercising slower and isolating muscles is actually much harder and more effective

Learn how to breathe in the most effective way that works in harmony with the body and helps to support the core

Understand what the core is and how to engage it properly. This technique will allow your body to work from the core while doing ANY type of exercise, from yoga to running!

Improve your posture and understand what a perfect aligned body feels and looks like

Enjoy the mood-boosting and calming effect Pilates has on the mind

Learn the stretches your body needs to help find balance and stay injury-free

Experience why Pilates is so effective and loved by athletes and physios

Become more body aware. Pilates teaches you to listen to your body carefully.

Who is this challenge for?

No need to sign up with an expensive gym to try out Pilates. This 7 day Pilates challenge has been carefully put together for complete Pilates novices so that you can try it out in the comfort of your own home

If your body is lacking in flexibility, core strength, stability or has postural issues, then Pilates is perfect for you

If you are looking to improve your overall health, but don’t like cardio, Pilates offers a great alternative

Suitable for both men and women. We have seen a major increase in men participating in our Pilates classes, which is proof that it’s a workout that is both challenging and effective

Suitable for all ages – we teach a wide range of ages, from 14 year olds to 65 year olds, with most people to be 30+. Age is only a number and with regular Pilates the body stays mobile and young!

For those people who love exercise and want to improve their performance. Doing Pilates will help you to stay injury-free and improve your technique of any other sports you are already doing, from running and playing football to yoga.

If you don’t like the gym but want to find an exercise routine that you can enjoy. We often hear our members say “we don’t like the gym, but we love your Pilates classes!”

Does it work? Oh yes it does! 

Here are a few testimonials from the lovely people who have been following my videos or programmes:

Dave Bones

"First attempt at Pilates - definitely converted! It's truly amazing the subtleties of tight muscles / poor posture and how this can impact on daily life and how they can yet be fixed with a bit of patience and good advice and teaching."

Siofra Carrol

"I feel an instant relief after doing your videos! Thank you! I run a lot and have 3 young children. one of whom is still a baby, so I am finding more pressure on my back than before. The tight legs and weak core type person you talk about is most definitely me. I am looking forward to feeling fabulous in a few weeks of doing your exercises every day :) Thank you!"

Carla Merediz

"We can find thousands of videos, but not thousands of good teachers. Your videos are a perfect mix between effort, softness, balanced pace, sometimes necessary pain, and care."

Nicole Denis

"I came across Kalm Pilates on Instagram and I am in my final block of classes from the Get To The Core programme. I can’t tell you how much your classes have helped me, so a huge thank you from me and I will continue with Pilates, it really is a wonderful way to take care of your body."

I am a qualified fitness and Pilates instructor and have taught more than 850 hours of Pilates in the last five years. Having transformed my own health and body from being incredibly unfit to being a fit mum-of-two, I have learned from experience what works and what doesn’t.

Pilates is the most effective workout I’ve come across. It is my mission to help people discover the power of Pilates – and after the amazing feedback on my YouTube videos and from my members, I created which offers Pilates challenges and 12 week programmes so that everyone can practise Pilates with a committed and knowledgeable teacher at their side (yes, me! ;-) )

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We only accept 30 participants per challenge as I want to give you that one-to-one attention and support. Next challenge starts on Monday 22nd April 2019.

In order to register please complete the short form below and we will then email you with all the information. 

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