Food The pitfalls of trying to eat healthily
The pitfalls of trying to eat healthily - Kalm Pilates blog post

Eating healthily is hard; let’s be honest about that. I’m not even talking about the withdrawal symptoms of leaving your unhealthy diet behind you and starting a cleaner way of living, I’m talking about once you are on the healthy bandwagon and are physically and mentally on board with that. Then the hard bit is the logistics of healthy eating.

First of all, eating a healthy diet is time-consuming and the only way to make sure it is doable is to plan your meals. I’m very lucky that my husband does exactly that so that at least our evening meals are covered and tick the ‘low carb, lots of veg and protein’ boxes. My morning routine has to accommodate for making porridge or oat / buckwheat pancakes for the girls and creating a healthy lunch box for my oldest daughter. And lunch is always what causes an issue for me, because I never have time (or fail to think ahead) to consider my options so I’m left to make lunch with whatever there is in the fridge. Fortunately, I like eggs so that is always my back-up option: scrambled eggs with avocado!

When you’re out and about, it’s also not always easy to find somewhere that will serve you a healthy or even semi-healthy food. I guess in an ideal world, you would make a lunch in the morning to take with you so you can eat healthily on-the-go, but I don’t really want to wake up at 6am to cram this all in and actually, the main problem again is that I’m just not organised enough to have the ingredients in the house.

Oh and then there is baking… I have done my fair share of paleo baking with no flour, no sugar and no dairy and no surprise, it is incredibly difficult to make it into something nice. Now, I like a challenge and I understand that you need to experiment with the ingredients to find out what works best, but as all the ingredients are costly, it means when your baking experiment fails, you have just spent £10 to create a disaster.
It’s a bit disheartening. I do feel I’m getting better at it as the last batch of muffins I made with chia seeds and almond flour got the thumbs up from everyone. There is hope!

On Instagram, I did notice a lot of #cleaneating posts about batch cooking to prepare for the week ahead so that you always have a healthy lunch or dinner in the freezer or fridge, which does make life so much easier. Well, I’m going to put that on my list of life goals… one day I may just be organised enough to pull that off, until then we just keep trying.