Honest Testimonials About Kalm Pilates

Honest Testimonials About Kalm Pilates

There is nothing nicer than getting positive feedback and honestly, I can tell you right now that I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today if I hadn’t experienced such lovely, positive vibes from people following my classes online and offline.


So if you’re not sure if Kalm Pilates is the way to go, then have a read of the following testimonials we’ve received, which may help you make a decision:


“”Sarah – I am currently doing your back care programme… it is AMAZING – thank you! After having two little ones close together and a decade of back issues that have been aggravated by both pregnancies I am over the moon to have found such a wonderful programme that I can do from home. I am already noticing the difference and I am only halfway through! Thanks again x”

Laura from Bedford


“I have early onset arthritis in both hips and knees but this Hiit exercise exasperated it and I ended up with a torn labrum. Fortunately, I came across Kalm Pilates on Instagram and I am in my final block of classes from the Get To The Core programme. I can’t tell you how much your classes have helped me in my recovery. I have a long way to go but you have to start somewhere. So a huge thank you from me and I will continue with Pilates, it really is a wonderful way to take care of your body.”

Nicole from Kent


“I can feel a difference after doing the 7 Day Challenge. My back feels much less stiff, and I feel lighter all over – if that makes sense! My posture also seems better, my husband even commented that I looked taller.” 

Sarah from Bracknell


“I have just completed the 12 week Get to the Core programme and all I can say is ‘wow’, I am so pleased I decide to sign up and give it a go. Having never done Pilates before I was a bit dubious but I can honestly say I feel so much stronger and toned from following Sarah online. Some of the moves I have found challenging, but I will continue to work on those. I also feel more flexible and have noticed my posture has also improved.

Thank you Sarah for a very easy to follow programme.  If you’re in two minds whether to sign up or not, go for it I can honestly see the difference and feel so much better, both mentally and physically. I loved it so much I’m actually going to repeat it all over again!”

Kate from Somerset


“Before having my first baby I was quite fit and comfortable with my body. After a difficult pregnancy with no exercise (on doctor’s orders) I found myself 12kg over my pre-pregnancy weight. I was feeling physically weak, miserable and confused. Enter Kalm Pilates! My very first session truly felt like a revelation. Just that initial half hour of clarity, structure and focus restored my faith in myself. Sarah’s very precise instructions made me feel that my mind can, indeed, have full control of my body (and my life). Let me tell you, it’s a very addictive feeling!

Now that I’ve completed Get to the Core Programme, I can definitely see tangible results. I’ve lost 6kg (slowly but surely I keep losing). My arms, shoulders and calves look great. My thighs feel really strong and quite toned on the days that I exercise. I can feel how strong my abdominal muscles have become, but, as this is my most problematic area, they are still hidden by all the weight I have yet to lose. Overall, the differences (physical and mental) are amazing! Especially considering that I’m taking care of an unpredictable 6-months-old baby every day.

I feel I now I have the perfect life-hack for retaining balance and making progress. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I spend some time following directions of Sarah’s soothing voice and feel refreshed again. The Buddy feature is brilliant too! I am definitely going to sign up for the Back Care Programme, even though I do not have issues with my back. It’s just that I still have so much to learn from Sarah’s approach and I simply need to keep having KP in my life.”

Anna from Canada


“I am not super slim and wanted to make some changes. By doing the online programme on Kalmpilates I feel my stomach and back have strengthened and I just feel better about myself. Sarah is also a lovely instructor, I feel like she is with me in my living room when I work out. It is easy to follow her and she always offers options for how to make a move easier if you are not as fit as her. And – most importantly – she is a very calming instructor. I encourage everyone to try kalmpilates!

Kari from Norway


” I came across the Kalm Pilates Back Care programme while looking for a solution to the lower back stiffness I was experiencing, which really affected me when standing for a while. The stiffness sometimes played up so much that I had trouble sitting down after standing, which was rather uncomfortable.

Doing the Kalm Pilates Back Care programme has really helped with building up my core strength and after 12 weeks, I definitely feel more flexible too. I now even use some of the Pilates moves I learned – like the Pilates Roll Down – when I start feeling stiff at work.

I would highly recommend this programme to help tackle back issues. I’ve enjoyed it so much, I’ll shortly be starting the Get To The Core programme.”

Bryan from California


If you read all the testimonials and are still not sure, then just drop me a line with any questions you may have on [email protected].


Sarah Vrancken

Article by Sarah Vrancken

Published 05 Oct 2022