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Hi there!

Pilates has changed my life.

I was doing a lot of cardio and the focus was always on working faster, pushing harder, sweating more.

It was only when I discovered Pilates, my body and mindset started changing. I thought I was reasonably fit, but working slower with a focus on precision and technique was a whole new challenge.

Doing regular Pilates has given me a balanced body – it’s toned, strong, flexible and free from aches & pains. As a thirty-something mum of two lovely girls, it allows me to be the person I want to be.

What’s great is that it also really improves the body & mind connection, making you feel calm and de-stressed. I know ANYONE can benefit from Pilates. All it takes is a mat, an internet connection and I’d happily guide you through your first class…

See you on the mat!

x Sarah

What people say

Doing the Kalm Pilates Back Care programme has really helped with building up my core strength and after 12 weeks, I definitely feel more flexible too. I now even use some of the Pilates moves I learned – like the Pilates Roll Down – when I start feeling stiff at work.
Bryan B.
“Sarah’s Pilates classes have greatly helped my strength and posture, I can’t tell you how good I feel post class, I walk taller and feel very calm and more centered! I am amazed how much your body can change over time with Pilates practice and how strong you can feel. It’s fab!”
Sian R.
“I started Pilates as I’ve had a few issues with my back. I finally started as I injured my foot a few months ago and couldn’t play football for a few weeks. It’s really helped my back and general fitness, although I’ve still got a long way to go with my flexibility!”
Andy H.

Kalm Pilates Way

Physio Approved
Oh no, another fitness fad I hear you say? Not at all! Pilates comes highly recommended by physio therapists, doctors and chiropractors. It is a very effective workout method that creates flexibility, strength and balance in the body.
Personal Coaching
We are there every step of the way to help you become a Pilates Pro. Connect with Sarah via the Kalm Pilates FB group, one-to-one consultations, regular group calls or emails.
Achieve your Goal
Get the results you are looking for and choose a workout programme according to your goals. Having focus and a detailed plan to follow makes the journey that much easier. You will have access to the workouts even after the 12 weeks are over.

Get The Body You Deserve


Join our 7 day
Pilates challenge!

Want to discover how Pilates can help improve your body, your sense of wellbeing and take your body awareness to the next level?

Join one of our 7 day Pilates challenges and we will teach you how to master the Pilates technique and really engage your core.

Get To The Core Challenge

This 7 days course will show you the true power of Pilates! Tone up, get flexible and be in tune with your body by doing short Pilates sessions.

Suitable for all ages and all abilities. Not recommended for those who are currently pregnant or those suffering from back injuries.

Back Care

Physios and GPs all agree – Pilates works well for helping to recover from back injuries and prevent further problems.

This 7 days course will show you how Pilates works to strengthen the body while adding flexibility in the right places.

Check out a Kalm Pilates Class

It shows you exactly what you can expect from our online classes: great instruction, focus on perfect technique and expect to feel those muscles work (and we mean really work) to get great results within 12 weeks.

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