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Anna, Canada

"I am currently doing the back care programme... it is AMAZING - thank you!

After having two little kiddies close together and a decade of back issues that have been aggravated by both pregnancies I am over the moon to have found such a wonderful programme that I can do from home.

I am already noticing the difference and I am only halfway through!"

Annie Spencer

Annie, UK

“I’m really enjoying the back care programmeI feel it’s making a difference and giving me the power to look after my back and strengthen generally too. 

Doing it 3 times a week is key for me as it is creating a habit and encouraging me to activate my core in my job as a midwife and in every day life. 

Your classes are paced really well and although they can be challenging I always feel safe with the focus on building body awareness. 

I was a little sceptical about how an online programme would work but actually it makes it so much easier to fit around family and work life - I just roll out my mat! 

Knowing that I can get in touch with any questions or concerns is helpful too and makes the online approach really viable.”

Angela, UK

"Pilates with Sarah has kept me pain free since May 2nd when I started. No pain within a week!

I do it 3 times a week usually. I can feel my back getting stronger, too.

I took a couple weeks off in September because I was busy with house renovation projects and experienced no pain!"


Julia, The Netherlands

“I just thought I would touch base and let you know that I love the Pilates lessons and look forward to doing them as they really help me feel less pain from my back issues.

I enjoy them so much.
I am thrilled that I stumbled upon Kalm Pilates.
Thank you!”

Marife, UK

“ I decided to purchase the full Get To The Core programme and I have never looked back. It has been a game changer for me, 

18 months later my core and the rest of my body feels so much stronger, leaner and more flexible.

I highly recommend it!"

Denise, UK

"It is such an amazing programme !(Get To the Core)

When I started I wasn't sure if I would gain core strength, but doing the moves with Sarah’s guidance, and by doing them properly, I have definitely gained core strength and improved mobility.

I will be back traveling for work and Kalm Pilates enables me to exercise wherever I am.