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Kalm Pilates Way

Physio Approved
Oh no, another fitness fad I hear you say? Not at all! Pilates comes highly recommended by physio therapists, doctors and chiropractors. It is a very effective workout method that creates flexibility, strength and balance in the body.
Connect with a Buddy
Connect with a Kalm Pilates buddy to stay motivated during your programme (optional). After all, with a little help from our friends we can do so much more
Achieve your Goal
Get the results you are looking for and choose a workout programme according to your goals. Having focus and a detailed plan to follow makes the journey that much easier.

How does it work?

Find out how easy it is to start your 12 week Pilates programme.
Hi there!

Pilates is simply amazing.

It not only changed my
own body, but also those of
the countless people who have attended my classes over the years.

As a teacher, I love seeing people improve and the transformations I have witnessed are truly impressive.

From weight loss to relieving aches and pains, there is no limit to the benefits Pilates can bring to your life.

All you need is a great teacher to help you along the way and I would be delighted to be that person.

x Sarah

Pilates Test

Do you need Pilates in your life?

1: Can you touch your toes?

2: Can you do a situp without using your hands?

3: Can you hold a plank for 10 breaths?

4: Can you lift your spine off the floor and take your legs parallel to the floor?

Finding it hard? Then your body is lacking in strength, flexibility or stability to be at its best!



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